Mira Flor Filter
Mira Flor Filter
Mira Flor Filter

Mira Flor Filter

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Fazenda Mira Flor: Lauro Pimenta, a beginner as a coffee farmer, has brought Fazenda Mira Flor up to the excellence. In 2016, the farm was on 1st place at the Alta Mogiana’s Cupping Competition. Lauro has started in the coffee business as a warehouse owner. Then, he decided to become a coffee farmer. Today, he owns one of the most modern coffee warehouse in Brazil, which is focused on processing coffee for final blends.

Mira Flor
Country: Brazil
Region: Franca, Sao Paulo
Farm: Fazenda Mira Flor
Altitude: 2100 - 2350m
Variety: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai
Process: Natural

Flavor Profile: Chocholate - Walnut - Prune